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If you have found yourself in the seemingly no-win situation of suffering from an addiction to drugs, you may be looking into finding the best drug addiction treatment centers. However, in order to find the right treatment centers to help you overcome your addiction, you first need to better understand drug addiction as well as the various types of treatment and therapy available to you.

By learning more about all of these important factors, you will be one step closer to not only finding the best drug addiction treatment centers bit also finding the exact program that will best suit your needs and tastes. Then, all that will be left for you to do is sign up for the treatment program that will work for you and get the help you need to start a new life of drug abstinence.

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How Drug Addictions Develop

When you suffer from a drug addiction, all you can likely think about is how you could have gotten to that point. The problem with addiction is that it can sneak up on you and much of what happens with addiction is beyond your control and occurs inside your body on a chemical level. Of course, the initial cause of an addiction is the use of or consumption of an addictive substance.

Sometimes, this substance is prescribed to you as a medication to treat a medical condition and others you may be using an illicit (illegal) or prescription drug entirely on your own and without doctor supervision or recommendation.

As soon as you use an addictive substance, even once, it begins to have a major chemical impact in your body. The drug will get into your bloodstream and eventually travel to your brain and central nervous system. Once there, the chemicals in the drug interact with the chemicals in your brain.

These interactions will trigger your brain to release some chemicals and block others. And it is those chemical reactions that create the sensations you experience when you consume drugs. They are also what causes a drug addiction to occur.

If the brain and nervous system continue to receive signals from the drugs to perform some actions and not perform others, they will start to change the way that they function on a normal everyday basis. This change in the normal brain function is known as a chemical dependence and is also the same as a physical drug addiction.

Types of Treatment Environments

There are two primary treatment environment options available for drug addiction treatment and one that is quite a bit less commonly chosen than others. The best drug addiction treatment centers are those that primarily offer inpatient (also known as residential) addiction treatment.

A residential treatment environment is one in which a person stays in the treatment center fulltime (including overnight). This is designed to help provide the most supportive and intensive treatment program available.

Residential treatment offers constant supervision and assistance 24/7 during the treatment process. People going through inpatient treatment will have both medical and emotional and psychological support any time they need it. Relapse rates are lowest with this type of treatment and rates of treatment program completion are highest.

Another option available through some of the best drug addiction treatment centers, is outpatient treatment. Outpatient addiction treatment is the least restrictive or intensive option. The time commitment is far lower than that of residential treatment in terms of the number of hours required per week.

However, the problem with outpatient treatment is that the recovering addicts in treatment are allowed a great deal of free time away from their therapists and addiction recovery support system. This means that they could easily resume drug abuse during the treatment process or simply stop going to treatment entirely.

The third, less common option is partial hospitalization. This is the treatment equivalent of a full-time job. Six to eight hours a day, four or five days a week are spent in group and individual therapy sessions. The rest of the time, the person is able to remain in their home and regular life. This is less likely to lead to relapse than outpatient treatment but less successful than inpatient or residential treatment.

Therapy Options to Consider

In addition to choosing between the possible treatment environments available through drug addiction treatment centers, there are also many types of therapy available. Some of these options include:

Individual and Group Therapy -- Individual and group therapy are cornerstone treatment options in addiction treatment. These forms of cognitive-behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy are designed to address the reasons a person developed an addiction and to develop coping mechanisms and strategies.

Art Therapy -- Art therapy is a treatment option that allows recovering addicts to channel their feelings and thoughts into creating art rather than substances abuse. This helps a person to get through treatment and cope with their situation as well as develop a lifelong strategy to avoid drug use.

Massage Therapy -- Massage therapy can help with the physical discomfort associated with detox and addiction recovery as well as the tension and stress that a person will feel as they try to cope with the emotions, stresses, and cravings that they will feel as treatment and therapy continues.

Finding the best drug addiction treatment center for yourself will allow you to get the care and treatment that you need to overcome your addiction to drugs as quickly and successfully as possible.

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